Safety Is Our Number 1 Priority

During Every Step Of Your Bee Experience We Consider One Thing: Keeping You Safe

Ventilated, Full-Veiled, Beekeeping Suits

Most of our suits are 3-ply, ventilated, full-body beekeeper suits. Your head is protected with a veil that attaches via zipper to your suit. It covers your entire head and has extra collar protection with plenty of viewing space inside. The rest of the suit extends down to your wrists and ankles covering your whole body. It zips up the center of the chest. Being ventilated means air passes through most of the suit unabated. Finally, your suit is white for a reason – bees tend to ignore the white color. The only protection you need to worry about is boots.  We’ll do the rest.

Elbow Length Gloves

The gloves you will wear are leather and thick canvas. The hand covering is leather, the wrist extra thick canvas, and from wrist to elbow is canvas. Since the suit goes down to your wrist under the gloves, your hands to elbow are covered twice. We also give you clean, freshly washed glove liners to keep everyone sanitary.

Ankle Guards

Where your suit meets your boot we secure it with an ankle strap. Even though the suit has elastic to cinch around your boot. The ankle strap adds to help eliminate any gaps just in case a bee goes rogue near the ground. This ankle strap combined with your gloves and zipped suit and veil help ensure no bee will be able to sting you.

Bee Smoker

Each station has a smoker for you to use to help keep your bees calm. Your instructor will give you instructions on when and how to use it. When you arrive at your hive it will be lit and smoking.

Bees communicate their moods mostly via pheromones. When you ‘smoke’ the bees several things happen. They are not able to communicate their moods with neighbor bees because their receptors are plugged with smoke on their pheremone receivers. This helps keep them calm. Also, when they sense smoke they think there is a fire nearby. Most bees head for a cell with honey or nectar and start drinking until they are full just in case they need to relocate because of the fire. You might find it funny to see all the bee butts in the air when they are drinking because of your smoke. This keeps them busy and a busy bee is a safe bee.

Sugar Syrup

Your instructor carries a spray bottle of sugar syrup. If the bees seem aggressive for any reason they will be sprayed with it. Bees don’t like to get wet and when sprayed with syrup they land immediately and start licking. It’s a treat for everyone.

Docile Bees

We only keep the best gentic strains of bees we can find. “Best” means many things such as hygene, egg laying, honey producing, etc,. However, it mainly means docility. And boy howdy our bees are docile as can bee.

Safety Protocols

Before you enter the beeyard every inch of your suit will be inspected by a buddy & your instructor. If we find anything wrong we will either patch it or get you a replacement suit.

You will be taught exact protocols to follow if your instructor should need to direct everyones attention for interesting formations or in the event of an emergency. Also, before entering the beeyard, your group will go through a mock up of a station just like the real one, step by step, without bees. You will be familar with the entire process before you start your Hive Time Bee Experience.

You will take everything one step at a time. Your instructor will walk around to each station for each step of the process ensuring you are aware of what you are seeing, making sure everything is safe and expected. He/She will pause for any diffculties anyone has, pause for everyone to snap pictures with their bluetooth remote shutters, and pause to make sure everyone is on the same step. No one will be on their own and everyone will act as a team.  🙂

In the unlikely event of an emergency it is better to be prepared.  Your guide will go over contingencies for different levels of emergencies and what to do in each circumstance.  If a serious emergency should happen during your Bee Experience you will be given a full refund and a coupon for another free event.