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Come On Out To Hive Time!

From Distilleries and Wineries, To Rock Climbing and Hiking, To Great German Food and Shopping, The Hill Country Has It All

Hill Country Wineries To Visit After Hive Time

A Winery Or Even A Winery Tour Is A Great Way To Complete Your Hill Country Trip To Hive Time

Post Hive Time Distilleries

Visit one of our great distilleries and be sure to have DD!  Treaty Oak is our favorite.

B&B's For Your Day Trip

Choose a great place to stay and enjoy a whole weekend!

State Parks for Your Day or Weekend Trip

Enjoy camping and hiking in our great Texas State Park system near Hive Time

Unique Ideas

These items are off the beaten path.  We think these are the best as they provide a unique experience like Hive Time.

A Trip To Fredericksburg?

These items are off the beaten path.  We think these are the best as they provide a unique experience like Hive Time.

Why Hive Time?


Hive Time Is Worth It

We have really worked hard to make sure your Bee Experience is worth every penny.  Everyone will walk away educated in the ways of the beekeeper and making honey at home.  You will learn all about how we can work together to save the essential honey bee, how bees flourish, how interesting and complex these little insects can be, and you will gain deeper insight what it takes to become a beekeeper and the labor involved in putting honey on your table.  Most of all however, you will feel that very unique and special moment when you open a beehive for the first time, that rush of doing something your instincts tell you not to – the great gift of challenging ourselves to do new and exciting things in life and pushing our boundaries forever outward.

Hive Time Is Close

Hive Time is just 29 miles west from the center of Austin.  Take a trip out and see how much the Hill Country has grown and all the great things to do.

Support Local Business

Hive Time is a family run local business.  We try our hardest to patron family businesses in the surrounding central Texas region, particularly Hays and Travis Counties.  Doing so allows us to help form resilient economies, enrich our children, and keep the cash in our families.

Hive Time Makes A Great Gift

Have grandchildren? Have a special someone that needs to get out of the house? Looking to connect with a loved one? Look no further. You can purchase you tickets to Hive Time on our new event site, Event Brite. Tickets are easily transferred between individuals. This means you can give the gift of the Hive Time Bee Experience as a wedding gift or a birthday or Christmas present.