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02Hive Time gives you more value with our 400 days of FREE email support when you take our class.

Hive Time Beekeeping Is Different


We take every precaution we can to ensure you are not stung and are comfortable throughout your class.


Our objective of each class is to make you a beekeeper by the time you leave.  Knowledge is power!


We keep different types of the same tools on hand so you can know what you need and what you don’t.


We don’t keep perfect bees.  We keep our many hives in different states so you can see what problems may occur in the real-world.


We give you as much hands-on experience as we can with multiple hives.  Direct learning is better!

Simple Classes

No need to take a multiple day course to start keeping bees.  We give you what you need to know, and lots of it.


We run classes every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which means no waiting and less people.


Our class stations have camera mounts for phones and cameras so you can record everything.

Pricing Table

Hive Time customers can text or email for free support 400 days after establishing their first hive. That is a quite a sweet deal.

The Best Beekeeping Class In Central Texas

Unrivaled Support

Show up for your Hive Time Bee Experience or order your own Hive Time Backyard Bees and you receive 400 days of unlimited email and online support from experienced beekeepers to help you suceed.

Hands-On Learning

Other classes will have you stand around a single hive with other students and the instructor is the only one who touches the hive.  You might hold a frame. At Hive Time each person gets their very own hive to learn and explore.

Record Your Experience

Each colony has two camera mounts so you can document your experience for all your friends to see.  Bring your phone, GoPro, or DSLR and we’ll help you record your experience for free.  Try finding that somewhere else!

We Take Safety Serious

Every step of the process at Hive Time is designed around safety.  We want you to feel comfortable and secure – that is why everyone gets a full-body, zippered-veil, ventilated bee suit with ankle wraps and elbow length gloves.  We assign you a buddy for safety and triple check all equipment.

Custom Hives

Each bee hive is custom built by us to cause the colony to have many different types of formations so you gain real-world experience in what you might see at home.  Each station is also built on a custom hive stand for your maximum comfort.  Never place your hives on the ground!

Incredible Observation Hive

Part of your class instruction is in front of our amazingly unique 8 foot by 4 foot wall mounted observation hive – there is nothing like it anywhere!  You can view an entire colony of bees and all their activity with no suit on!

Memories For A Lifetime

Hive Time’s unique system of hive stands, camera mounts and bluetooth remote shutters makes recording your Bee Experince something special to share with friends and family.

Bluetooth Remote Shutters

Free to use with your Hive Time is a remote control for your phone.  We pair it to your phone then you can snap pictures on demand, remotely, while keeping your safety gloves on.  You can also stop and start video with it.

Camera Mounts

Every hive has two standard camera mounts.  They support your DSLR, cell phone or GoPro Camera.  We also have GoPro accessories for you to use FREE – chest mounts, wrist and clip on mounts, and head mounts.

Record To Learn and Share

You can use your camera or GoPro to record video of your experience to watch and learn from later or you can snap pictures as you go to post online and share with friends and family.

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